Commercial Energy & Efficiency Audits

Commercial Energy & Efficiency Audits

Saving energy means saving money and the earth. We have a proven track record conducting energy audits and helping businesses across NSW and Queensland to reduce energy costs.

The rising prices of electricity already effects commercial buildings that are required to run lighting and power to common areas 24 hours per day.

Monthly electricity usage for some high-rise buildings is in excess of $30,000.

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar auditors are highly trained, specialist licensed electricians who are passionate about reducing your energy emissions, and your electricity bill.

We have experience conducting energy efficiency audits for commercial offices, industrial and manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, hotels, strata and apartment buildings, warehouses, educational facilities, retail and hospitality.

Why conduct an energy efficiency audit?

An energy efficiency audit can pin point areas where lighting and power changes can be adjusted to reduce energy usage and reduce those ridiculous electricity bills.

  • Identify energy saving measures
  • Compare the relative cost benefits of energy efficiency technologies
  • Identify the best options for your business.
  • Develop an energy action plan with capital costs and payback.
  • Conduct a billing and tariff analysis to identify how to reduce energy costs.

The business case for an energy audit

Recent and ongoing increases in electricity and natural gas prices have significantly increased energy costs for businesses.

  • An energy audit costs may cost as little as <1% of annual energy costs.
  • An energy audit identifies options to reduce energy usage by 10% to 30%.
  • An energy audit assesses billing and energy charges to identify options to reduce energy costs
  • The emerging energy efficiency marketplace is flooded with new products. An energy audit identifies the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your site or business.

What do our energy audits include?

  • An assessment of your historical and current energy usage and costs.
  • A detailed billing assessment to identify options to reduce energy costs (e.g. retail rates, network tariffs, demand charges, metering configuration).
  • A power quality analyser (pqa) analysis to record minute by minute, hour by hour, actual demand patterns, identify variances in usage and peak demand reduction strategies.
  • A site inspection to identify where and how your site uses energy.
  • Identify options to reduce energy usage through upgrading or replacing equipment, installing or improving controls and improved management practices.

Where do we work?

While we are energy consultancy based on the Gold Coast we have conducted energy audits across NSW and Queensland. No matter where your business is located we can provide a cost-effective energy audit to help your business save money and reduce energy bills.