Commercial and Industrial Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Sometimes, you just need a residential electrical contractor to "take care of it". Call Dot Energy Electrical and Solar- we'll look after you.

Dot Energy provide a dedicated team of experienced electrical maintenance tradespeople for all our contract clients. Our team gets to know you, your building, your architecture and your requirements. Over time, our dedicated team become faster and more proficient as we know every circuit, switchboard and power point in your building. You will appreciate our attention to detail, our support and back up emergency electrical service.

Additionally, our team are experts in flagging issues before they arise, performing routine inspections as part of the service and looking after you before something goes wrong.

We have experienced Brisbane electrician services that can provide Data Logging, otherwise known as Power Quality Analysing, which can provide you with important usage patterns. PQA electricians Gold Coast are also available.

Get it done right. Get it done by Dot Energy Electrical and Solar, the experienced electricians.

Annual Maintenance

Customers want reliable regular service from their tradespeople. Everyone wants a reliable electrical contracting company that shows up on time, keeps track of all previous jobs and keeps everything running smoothly.

Our annual electrical maintenance agreements ensure that one company takes care of all repairs and maintenance, orders parts and maintains records of warranties. This equates to less stress for Managers and owners alike, letting you get on with the work of your business.

Preventative Maintenance

We all service our Motor Vehicles and keep a check on the oil levels and fuel in the tank so we don't break down. We keep our bodies in shape by trying to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

So why is it a secret that electrical systems could also benefit with Preventative Maintenance?

It is far cheaper to arrange regular Electrical Preventative maintenance than it is to deal with a breakdown, which can stop production and cost the business money in lost trading.

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar can arrange regular maintenance checks for you and send you friendly reminders when your maintenance is due. Thermal Imaging is the ideal way to monitor the "health" of your machinery and your switchboard. You can contact Dot Energy on 07 5563 1111 to book your Thermal Imaging Appointment.

High Rise Maintenance

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar have many years of experience working with maintenance engineers and on site managers.

Wouldn't you like the simplicity of having one point of contact, who takes care of all repairs and maintenance, orders parts, maintains records of warranties, reminds you when services are due and provides you with free quotes, job feedback and prompt electronic invoices?

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar use state of the art computer programs that allow our clients access to log on and trace the progress of their own jobs. You can even reprint invoices if one has been misplaced.

Dot Energy have available electricians in Brisbane, residential electricians South Brisbane and of course have extensive Gold Coast electrician services.