Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar represents a real opportunity for small and large businesses to directly reduce their energy costs, by installing a PV Solar System.

With a commercial system, even more importantly than for residential systems, it is imperative to select tier 1 quality panels and a reputable quality brand of inverter that will be reliable long term to protect your return on investment.

One of the determining factors for return on investment is price per kwh you are being charged for your electricity. If you are consuming the majority of your power through daylight hours, then solar is going to be a very attractive option to control your costs.

Commercial solar will always be an attractive option for business owners. The pay pack period can be expected between 5 & 8 years, depending on system size and energy usage patterns. If the RET (Renewable Energy Target) changes, the only factor that is effected is the time frame of pay back will be a little longer, perhaps 2 to 4 years, again depending on the size and energy usage pattern.

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar has the best equipment on hand to identify the load profile of your business operation throughout a normal working day. Once this data has been obtained, we can recommend a customised solution.

Once a decision to install solar has been made and depending upon the location of the business, your local energy supplier, whether Energex, Essential Energy or Ergon etc, there will be contracts and conditions controlling how the system will be installed and how it will function. Our inhouse designers and engineer will work on this, on your behalf, making the whole process from beginning to end a professional and easy experience. And it doesn’t end there… Dot Energy Electrical and Solar will check the system is functioning at its peak and will clean and test your system 6 months after installation. Ongoing cleaning and maintenance is recommended to lengthen the life and maximise the production of the system.

Commercial Solar systems have the option of viewing production via a web portal, which means you can display this information to staff and visitors to your business.

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