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Dot Energy Electrical and Solar specialise in all aspects of solar power design, installation and maintenance. From start to finish, we provide a complete solar power solution from South as Byron Bay to Northern Brisbane, and the West to Beaudesert.

Not only do we custom design every solar power project to suit your home and individual needs, we also only source the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers. If an item needs replacing, our suppliers will still be around and able to replace any item with a minimum of fuss.

We also ensure that all solar power systems we design and build can be 100% compatible with stand-alone solar power systems. More and more people are getting stand-alone solar power to stay off the grid entirely – no more electricity bills!

Why Should I Get Solar Power?

The advantages of Solar Power and going Green far outweighs being stuck with paying your constantly increasing electricity bill. Installing solar power equipment is becoming more affordable as more suppliers become competitive and quality products become available on the market.

It may be to save on your ever-increasing power bills, to generate your own power to subdue the rising electricity prices or to make a difference helping the environment by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. You may even want to get off the electrical grid totally and become 100% self sufficient! THis is called installing a “Stand Alone” system or otherwise known as “off the grid”

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar can provide you with competitive quotes on quality solar panel systems. We do not offer the cheapest solar panels, as cheaper is usually exactly what you get. We prefer to offer quality solar power systems that will perform as they are expected to – that is trouble free.

How solar power can save you money and reduce your bills?

“As long as the sun rises each day, you will be saving money”

  • Solar panels capture energy from the sun during daylight hours
  • The panels send the energy to the inverter where the energy is converted into usable energy.
  • Your home or workplace uses the converted clean energy while the sun is in the sky so this is free power
  • Any excess energy is fed back into the grid where you are paid at a rate negotiated by your energy provider.

Sunshine is reliable and costs nothing. Cloudy days still produce energy, how much energy depends on the quality of the system you install and the correct positioning for maximum yield.

If you have Solar Panels installed, Dot Energy Electrical provide options for cleaning as well as PV system and inverter testing. Prices start from $10 per panel plus gst. Regular cleaning will keep your solar panel power at its optimum, but please ensure only a solar power electrician inspects your solar system. Contact our office on 07 5563 1111 to book your solar panel clean and service.