Solar System Maintenance

Solar System Maintenance

Dot Energy Electrical and Solar offer you a maintenance program. There are several benefits for yearly Maintenance:

  • Optimizes output of solar system
  • Maintain system functionality
  • Minimal down time and loss of production
  • Compliance and safety precaution
  • Replacement parts at trade prices.

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Along with fundamental maintenance, we also include a thorough inspection of your system using the most advanced technical equipment that can identify present faults at the time of inspection. From this, we will provide a comprehensive maintenance report, which will show if faults have been identified and any recommendations.

Our program can be used as a one off check up or booked in yearly. Additional benefits of registering for the program are if you have recently purchased a home with solar power, or are selling your home with solar power, if you have experienced a natural disaster and require an insurance evaluation of you’re system or perhaps your concerned about the quality of the installation and would like an independent evaluation to check safety and compliance as a precaution.

Solar System Health Check

  • Check Signage
  • Cleaning of PV array, including remove debris from under or around the array and cabling
  • Check wiring integrity, compliance and mechanical protection
  • Verify open circuit voltage and short circuit current values
  • System performance
  • Check mounting structures
  • Test operation of switches
  • Check panels are functioning
  • Verify status of surge arrestors
  • Thermal imaging photographs to check hot spots for bad electrical connections
  • In addition we can service/repair or if necessary replace any parts and components of your solar power system.